Sunday, 3 January 2010

Rainbows - spot the theological reflection

Someone told me today that no two people see a rainbow in the same way. The rainbow is there; it can be photographed, but apparently... the light has to refract at 42 degrees through the water droplets for us to see the colours, and 48 degrees for the second rainbow. As we each stand in a slightly different place we are seeing the rainbow from a different angle and therefore seeing something different from the next person.  Which was a nice response to my idea of us looking into the diamond through different facets - or bathing in one refracted colour and our certainty that what we know is all there is. 

Now this might be a load of old twaddle, and I haven't googled it to check, but I rather like the illustration of us each seeing beauty from a slightly different perspective. I do love rainbows :-)


  1. It is good twaddle if it is twaddle!

  2. No it's right. The interesting debate would be, given a rainbow is an optical illusion, do two people ever see the same rainbow at all? Can't speak for the degrees and I can't be bothered to google it but the principle is right.
    In fact, given that the rainbow is the result of refraction off falling raindrops... do we even see the same rainbow ourselves from one moment to the next?
    It's a beautiful conundrum.

    And I must get over this sensitive phase. It doesn't suit me.