Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Leonard Cohen

LC has always written poetry that challenges and confronts. His doubts and his honesty about life have resonated with me since teenage years and form one of the threads that run through my life, albeit surfacing only occasionally.

Today I found this, and the words resounded again. What more can the Divine say than, "I was there for you"? What more needs to be said?

8. There For You
Words and music by Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson.

When it all went down
And the pain came through
I get it now
I was there for you
Don’t ask me howI know it’s true
I get it now
I was there for you
I make my plans
Like I always do
But when I look back
I was there for you
I walk the streets
Like I used to do
And I freeze with fear
But I’m there for you
I see my life
In full review
It was never me
It was always you
You sent me here
You sent me there
Breaking things
I can’t repair
Making objects
Out of thoughts
Making more
By thinking not
Eating food
And drinking wine
A body thatI thought was mine
Dressed as Arab
Dressed as Jew
O mask of iron
I was there for you
Moods of glory
Moods so foul
The world comes through
A bloody towel
And death is old
But it’s always new
I freeze with fear
And I’m there for you
I see it clear
I always knew
It was never me
I was there for you
I was there for you
My darling one
And by your law
It all was done

Produced, arranged and performed by Sharon Robinson.
Vocals: Leonard Cohen.
Background vocals: Sharon Robinson.
© 2004 Old Ideas LLC (BMI) andSharon Robinson Songs (ASCAP)

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