Saturday, 28 March 2009 their love

One of the great joys of this job is, of course, the people.
Time and time again, when I have tried to serve and to help and to heal and to listen; when I am only too aware of all my shortcomings; when I have felt emotional and tired, someone comes to look after me. I receive at least as much support and love as I give, and feel truly blessed.
At this morning's prayer breakfast we followed our usual format of coffee and toast, a bible reading, prayer for those in need and thanks for our blessings, closing with a hymn. It is a lovely way to start a Saturday.
Afterwards A, who had organised the praise and prayer spoke of her difficulty in preparing for such an event when all her thoughts were with one particular family as they live through the consequences of the recent tragedy (no-one with children has remained untouched by this - the funeral was two days ago and over 250 people attended). As she worked, she became aware of how difficult it must be for ministers to deal with these things again and again, and how draining it can be. It was obviously a difficult thing for prepare for, yet afterwards she came and asked what we would like prayer for. Thank you A, and bless you.

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