Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Better friends than me

Two years ago this week I was counting down to ordination as a deacon. Many people were due to attend, and Carolyn,who was very ill with pancreatic cancer had said she would try to be there, but it might be in a wheelchair. There was no wheelchair. Carolyn died before the weekend, and I attended her funeral just a few days after the ordination service. Apart from the funeral it was a strange grieving, away from others who knew her, and in a new role where people didn't know me, so it was all done silently and at a distance. I am reminded of the anniversary today.
Sadly last weekend, another friend from past times died. Anne had been ill for many years but managed to remain positive. She was the first person to welcome me when I stepped inside St Lukes, and I valued her kindness. .
Both were better friends to me than I was to them, and I will miss them.
My 'base' Chrsitian family is departing - a housegroup that can no longer reconvene and reminisce. RIP Sally, Carolyn, Anne

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