Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

This year we share Fools Day with Good Friday - the juxtaposition throws up some interesting thoughts about wisdom and foolishness, and the place of the jester - the one who calls out against power and witnesses to the greater truth that politics must hide.

9am - a service of meditation at the little church.
10am - ecumenical outdoor witness service ot the local community -was I the only one to smile at the fact that we were outside the doors to a gym called 'Fitness First'? A great talk by DR about the difference between interference and intervention.
12noon - the start of the three hour watch service, we went at 2pm for the last hour.  P played a Roman soldier in an enactment of 8 stations of the cross. I twiddled the keys on the laptop.
Now tired, even though I didn't have to prepare or deliver any of it.


  1. Sounds exhausting, but wonderful too...

  2. Less exhausting than your workload Sally. Have a good rest.