Monday, 22 March 2010


Tonight I culled my Facebook friends list. 

Most of the names that I deleted were people that I rarely speak to and don't have a current relarionship with.  That still leaves me with 126 'friends'. Most of those are not 'friends' within my definition of that idea.  Not to say they don't have value, just that I set a high store on particular elements of friendship, and those relationships are necessarily limited.  Maybe we need an 'aquaintances' list, and a 'family' list and a 'ships in the night' list?

I think there may be another cull looming.  I am getting very weary of certain types of behaviour and comments.  Tonight I am also minded to make this blog private.  No instant decisions, just the way my mind is moving.


  1. Well, I really enjoy your blog, and also your Facebook posts. Hope mine aren't too tiresome (though I do wonder sometimes!).

  2. Thanks Mike. I know I'm tired, and wonder if this is 'half-way' blues...

  3. Why are you thinking of making your blog private?

  4. Julie-Anne Ryan23 March 2010 at 02:45

    I enjoy your blog, Helen.
    I was going to put a sad face, then changed it to a happy one, then decided to leave it neutral. Just a simple statement of fact.
    (There. That was appropriate right there.)