Monday, 22 February 2010

God calls

Clayboy draws the argument in terms of broad themes vs proof-text verses.

Either/or?  Both-and?

God calls. 

God calls, the church tests, trains and ordains. 

And here I stand. 

A placeholder for the future. Neither a trail-blazer, nor a Bishop-in-waiting.  Not banging my head on a stained-glass ceiling.  'Just' a place-holder for normality, so that those who follow; those with the brilliance and the gifting, can be promoted based on their skills and gifts, and not on the presence or absence of a chromosome.

God called, and I said, "Yes". Here I stand.

God called me.  And that trumps all other arguments.


  1. God calls, and here we stand... we can do no other (?), or is that cheeky!