Saturday, 30 January 2010

Clergy vestry relationship

That phrase made me giggle. It appeared in a blog by a very eminent Bishop, and without an explanation of what he actually meant. My first thought was 'lawnmower'.

The reason for that is that the most secure place in one of the churches is behind a very thick door with a very solid lock in a very small locked stone vestry, and therefore it has become the home of the lawnmower. The lawnmower occupies the second 'third' of the available floor space and effectively blocks access to the final third of space in front of the sink - as well as the outside door, (so don't bother trying to get in from outside - it's physically impossible). That hardly matters because the sink forms part of the horizontal space...

All horizontal storage space is shared with the flower arrangers, who, presumably are able to hop over the machine (how?) and the requisites for producing such beautiful arrangements are such that there is often no space available for anything else.

This means that on occasion getting dressed for a service can mean hopping on one leg in the first 'third of the space (which is occupied by the door to the church and the steps down) and checking for grass clippings before exit.

Vestry prayers anyone?

P.S If I were really irritated by this I would do something about it, so please don't take offence!

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