Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How Great Thou Art

The pictures below were taken in normal light.

This evening I drove down the A41 towards the M25 at 4pm, just as the shadows were lengthening. The only cloud was a fine layer high in the sky and didn't impede the light, which seemed to shine through the leaves waiting to fall, making them glow.

As I drove down the valley, the tops of the trees, where they get the most sunlight were red, moving through shades of orange and yellow down to green at the bottom, and the luminous 'sunny side' of the valley contrasted with the shade on the southern side of the road. It was very tempting to stop and take hunderds of photographs but I know that is one effect that a camera cannot do justice to, and anyway, it's a dual-carriageway/clearway!

By the time I reached home the light was so warm and bright that it seemed as if each person I looked at was gazing in wonder at the stunning effects of this late autumn display. It was a treat to see.

So, I went into the doctor's surgery and had my flu-jab. When I came out the sun had dropped that little bit more so that the failing light was the same as any other night and all the colours had returned to normal. I could have imagined it, but that 'liquid gold' effect burned itself into my memory today, and I won't forget.

Today I looked at the created world and my heart sang with thanks to the Creator.


  1. The delight on people's faces was part of my delight.