Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Believe it when you see it

It was an unusual day - chasing round trying to find Eddie Izzard just so that I couldn;t run with him.

My motivation was to thank him for doing something that represented a genuine challenge, but that would benefit other people - true charity. Anyway, I found him, shook his hand, had a photo taken with him, and then drove around taking photographs and chatting to various people. He is a professional performer, and came across as a genuinely nice person; I think the truth shows when people are under strain, which he was - and the niceness didn't vary.

It amused me, later, to find that EI has a new project called 'Believe', and that he has some things to say about the effects of belief on the ability to perform - basically that we are limited by our own beliefs. I wanted to say to this atheist, who seems so close and yet so far away from faith, that you will see when you believe it.

But of course, I thought of that after it was too late to say anything at all.

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