Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pilgrimage 2009 - Bansky and other artists

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land includes visits to places that have particular resonance for Christians. But it isn't all about history because Christ is living with us now, and we cannot ignore the troubled land of his birth.

Bethany - where Mary, Martha and Lazarus provided hospitality for Jesus; once a 20 minute walk from Jerusalem. Now a 30 minute coach drive is required to go around the wall. Bethany is suffering from withdrawal of utility resources and rubbish is piled up around the streets.

Bethlehem - 'O little town'; the place where Jesus was born.

Both places have deep meaning in our world of faith. Nowadays the two towns are the 'other' side of the wall, and highlight political tensions, fear and distrust. It also provides unexpected opportunities to experience the graffiti art of those whose voices are heard in a different key, from the anonymous British artist Banksy, to others less well identified.
Note that the graffiti itself has been subject to graffiti.

A blue line(even the colour is meaningful) painted across the protest reminds me of the fence and wall constructed across the land.

Let us all remember to pray for peace in a land where peace seems so ephemeral.


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